By Eoin Motherway 1315348
#508362 I'm looking to teach myself some C++ and EuroScope plugin development stuff. I followed the dev guide and I am getting some errors:


Can anyone help me sort out the errors?
1. "CPlugIn" is not a nonstatic dada member or base class of class "xxxxxxxx"
2. Identifier "pMyPlugIn" is undefined

I know barely anything about C++ or C# (Trying to self-teach myself) so bare with me for the newbie question. I've looked all over google and checked the source code of other plugins, no luck...

Merry Christmas!
By Bjoern Helge Smaavollan 1055999
#508615 Not that I'm a programmer myself, but I've been fiddeling a little about.

First thing I notice is that it seems you haven't defined/initialized "PMyPlugin" without having read up on ES plugin dev kit, I would say that "PMyPlugin" is a place holder name and should be swapped with the name of your plugin. As I believe this piece of code is used to start our plugin :)

The other error you're having I won't venture out on :P
By David Zhong 1027224
#508750 In the class definition for CTAAATSVSCSApp (probably located in your ".h" file), check that the class inherits from CPlugIn and that there is a declaration for pMyPlugIn.

It should look something like:

Code: Select allclass CTAAATSVSCSApp : public CPlugIn {

 EuroScopePlugIn::CPlugIn** pMyPlugIn;

To explain what the compiler is unhappy about:

(1) In your constructor, everything after ':' and before '{' is called the initialiser list. Here, you can initialise the values of member variables as well as calling the constructor of your base class. The compiler is complaining that CPlugIn doesn't appear to be a member variable or a base class. What is probably missing is that you haven't included the base class in your class definition.

(2) Here, the compiler is complaining that it doesn't know what "pMyPlugIn" means. You need to declare this variable somewhere. My understanding of the example code is that it expects pMyPlugIn to be a global variable, so best bet is to declare it in a header file that everything has access to.