By Rene van Hove 1099291
#508532 I noticed a little bug.

If a pilot changes his FP and callsign, the callsign in the frequency list is not updated.
I noticed this earlier, but now actually understood what happens.

In the case, SAS827 changed his callsign into SAS82L after arrival for an outbound flight. This is correct on the radar screen, but not updated in the frequency list.
This is very confusing when you only get half of the callsign, try to figure it out using the frequency list and there's no match ;)

Above is not totally true, also happens when a pilot logs off and logs on again with a different callsign.
Does ES somehow store a UID and callsign without updating it every so often?

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By Morten Jelle 1012739
#508534 I believe it has something to do with the voice servers, because they display the callsigns. It happens if you disconnect and connect within short time only.
By Dave Roverts 1186831
#508608 In vPilot, if you disconnect, and change callsign, the callsign in the voice list never updates. However, if you close vPilot, then restart it, and connect with a different callsign, it gets updated...

Maybe it's a problem within vPilot?
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#508653 I am not an expert on that, but the problem has existed for a long time, that's why I thought it was a bug on the servers and not in vPilot. But you may be right - you can try to report it to Ross. :)