By Eoin Motherway 1315348
#510943 Not 100% VATSIM related, but i've been looking into getting a Rasberry Pi ADS-B receiver and using it with EuroScope using the proxy server connection.
Anyone know any receiver kits that work with EuroScope?

By Even Rognlien 1047601
#511744 Sorry for the late reply.

This should work:
- ... SwAKxWUuVN
The included antenna is very bad though. I recommend looking for one that is specifically made for 1090 MHz. Make sure you have the correct adapters to fit the antenna input.

You can also consider the ones from flightaware (mostly the same hardware as the one I linked to above):
- With filter:
- Without filter: ... SwwpdW9VjG

All tree should work with the Pi and dump1090.