By Mark Foister 1231276
#511420 I am trying to connect my xplane 11 whilst i am controlling on euroscope. I have the euroscope proxy server running. I have set the server to local host in XSB and click connect. Yes it get's connected, But I keep getting this message: "Received a controller real name where no controller exists - Please report to the developer" As well as a private message to myself automatically whilst I am connected ?

The PVT message what I get all the time to myself for no reason:
By Gergely Csernak 904331
#514728 Hi,

Proxy is not used at all for tower view. Proxy is an ES to ES connection only.
Every pilot client is a bit different and as ES does not have a full featured FSD server inside it might be that ES or the pilot client should be change to have a successful integration. So far I have not tested XP11 and XSB at all.