By John Cardiff 1348227
#512938 After updating to the latest Euroscope by pasting the new files over the old ones in C:\Program Files (x86)\EuroScope, there were all sorts of errors to do with having to redo the settings in "Setting Files setup".
I can't sort out this one though when starting Euroscope: ... 2017_04.7z downloaded.
Error: Neither SCT nor SCT2 file is found after extracting the 7z
Last time this happened I cured it by reinstalling completely (and all the settings again).
Is there a way of curing the problem without reinstalling?
By John Cardiff 1348227
#512971 I don't open it myself, the error is shown on the bottom text line when Euroscope starts.
It seems to be something to do with the program not knowing the path to documents\euroscope\ which I have to insert in front of every file in the "setting files setup" (after the updating bit) - unless I do complete reinstall.
By Michael Pike 812012
#513050 The path to your ES documents is set in the shortcut you use to start ES. Right click the shortcut and select 'properties'. Look under 'Start in' and check the path points to where you have installed the UK controller pack.

The error on start up looks like you have ticked the option for auto download of the UK sector file and that's not working. If you have the 2017/04 version of the controller pack, it contains the latest sector file already. You can ignore the error or deselect the 'A' option in Euroscope's Sectorfile Download dialog.

Copying the new executables and pasting over the old ones shouldn't have affected any of the path settings though as far as I can see.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#513333 This error message may be missleading as it only indicates a subsequent problem. The sct and ese file couldn't be found at the position where the integrated unzipper of ES thought they will be. This problem is usually related to the extraction path. The program folder and its subfolders including its content can normally only be changed with admin rights. If you didn't configure ES especially, this program has not generally admin rights and so cannot write or unzip any files to the program folder. This also shouldn't be necessary. I suggest you to separate program files and program data files. Your data files for ES (sct/ese, including all setting files) should be at a place like "users/yourname/EuroScope/ICAO". Then just ensure this path is also set in the ES downloader. Writing access for this folder shouldn't be a problem and everything should work fine.
If you want to have the data files within the program folder, using ES with explicit admin rights should solve the issue as well.
By John Cardiff 1348227
#513439 Thanks Jonas.
I gave up and deleted all the ES program and data (saving the configuration stuff), and reinstalled it. This time, to update it, carefully replaced the files in the program folder as instructed.
Using the same ES link to start it, it is now working. I think what I did before was to make a desktop link to ES program in the program file folder. In the old days you could edit the link to tell it where to start.
Anyway, now all is well :)