By Bruno Audoux 1226422
#513057 Hi,
I purchased today a foot switch pedal to allow me a better management of my keyboard.
Before I did the deal, I ensured that it is possible to program the pedal through a key of the keyboard.

While attempting to set the foot pedal, I discovered that, yes, I can set the key assignment BUT... that software only accepts a group of combined keys (Ctlr/Alt/Shift) + any other key.
On the other hand, when I attempt to set the same in Euroscope, I cannot find the way.

Is there any possibility to set a group of keys in Voice Hardware setup ? :cry:

Thanks in advance
By Ryan Savara 1369362
#513074 I use a program named JoKER that can remap 2 buttons to an F2# key. Euroscope does recognize F2# keys as push to talk (I have F24 for frequency transmit and F23 as TS PTT)
By Bruno Audoux 1226422
#513089 So I downloaded joker but was very disappointed to realize that I could not use it because I do not understand "DOS-like" software...
Instead I downloaded Keymanager that has resolved my issue ! Excellent stuff...
Anyway, thanks Ryan, you helped me finding a solution.