By Jason Helkenberg 913355
#513251 If you are an instructor and have experience in EruoScope, I am seeking your assistance. If you could please contact me at I would appreciate it. I am needing some assistance creating and running a scenario using EuroScope.

By Krikor Hajian 1283146
#513340 Hi Jason,

We use ESKey and Euroscope's software for radar training at ZDC, I cannot recommend it enough. Feel free to send me an email at and run any questions by me. I'd be happy to schedule a time to sit down and talk about creating and running a file as well.
By Krikor Hajian 1283146
Mark Walsh 1228495 wrote:What is ESKey?

ESKey is a software that will take commands similar to tower training (i.e. tl 230) and input it to the Euroscope training software in Euroscope 3.1d. We use it at ZDC because we favor that UI over the built in ES one.