By John Sanders 1067328
#513549 Hi my name is John Sanders.
I have a question: I'm totally blind and I'm not able to see.
I use a text to speech reading program called Jaws.
It helps me in reading text that appears up on the screen. Every time I press the alt key, it doesn't take me to the menu bar.
How should I go about getting access to the menu bar?
I can get access to it when I was using my previous controller client.
I hope to hear from you soon.
John Sanders
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By Morten Jelle 1012739
#513657 Hi John,

I am not sure that there is a shortcut to get into the menu bar at the top. It is not build the same way as the older radar scopes like VRC. Without having any knowlegde to your tool, are you able to put give it a command to click on top menus or do you specifically need to use ALT to get into the top bar?

If you are able to give a command to open "Other Set", then you will go into the menu, but I am not sure it works though.
By Bjoern Helge Smaavollan 1055999
#513969 Okay, now I'm intrigued. How do you utilize atc when you are blind? I can understand using TTS somewhat, but what when it it comes to knowing what is happening? Or if pilots do what you want?

Don't misunderstand me, but this I find facinating.