By Syam Haque 1161585
#515086 We have a Sweatbox scenario for our OMAA (Abu Dhabi Intl) airport. The runways and airport altitude have been configured in the scenario editor (0.0 ft apt alt). We placed some aircraft holding short of the runway and they have been configured to be "On the ground" per the scenario editor dialog.

However, for some reason we cannot move the aircraft as they are showing "is crashed" at the top left status box. What did we do wrong or how can we disable this "crashed" feature altogether?
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#515106 Hello,
check you this: ... ional_data and learn how to make "object extent" 0 for all of your aircraft in your scenario file (use notepad to edit scenario files directly). Making object extent 0 disables euroscope crash detection.

Best regards,
By Phillip Speer 854824
#515109 Thanks Pavel you learn something new every day. I've created lots of scenarios and never spotted this line. I can start aircraft back of the ground again now rather than plan where to spawn them.