By Fabrizio Pascucci 909917
#515364 I have used euroscope for quite sometime, and never got much trouble, now I change my type of connection and use DSL. Since then I have problem where I loose audio after 10/20/30 minute, but still view traffic and functinality.
It's not related to hardware or driver as I can talk with other tool like teamspeack, the only solution si to go on voice communiation setup, uncheck prime facility and then re apply it.
Does anyone know if it's related to the router and what setting should I set ?
Thank's for any hint.
By Daniel Hawton 876594
#515774 If it's all opened on your router and your router is set to not close ports after a period of inactivity, then that means your ISP is doing it. Nothing much the ES software can do about that, unfortunately.