By Michael Kuhne 1174044
#516088 A few days ago I wanted to make a training session (2 PIL, 1 ATC) using the latest ES beta version (r15). Unfortunately the second pilot was unable to let the aircraft take off correctly, some aircraft just changed their position by some 700 miles to the south and others appeared on wrong coordinates.
It didn't matter if we were on the sweatbox server or on my FSD-server.

Once I changed to an older beta version (r12) I was kicked out repeatedly from the sweatbox server (same problem as Giorgio? viewtopic.php?f=71&t=74373) . Only when we changed to the FSD server the simulator worked flawlessly.
By Martijn Rammeloo 1302622
#517327 I am experiencing something similar with r16. After connecting to a local FSD server and starting an APP scenario, the first two aircraft (that are on the screen from the start) behave normally. However, every new flight spawns at the correct location, but - after a second or so - 'jumps' a few miles, and then picks up the route.

This never happened using earlier ES versions.

Edit: this unwanted behavour also happens on the online Sweatbox.

By Magnus Gustafsson 880543
#520573 I confirm this problem, for the latest releases of beta versions!

Did find files for version (.r10) on my computer and with this beta version I have no problem!

By Magnus Gustafsson 880543
Gergely Csernak 904331 wrote:Please send me a scenario file to test.


Happy New Year!
By Gergely Csernak 904331
#520639 Using the scenario file I fixed this issue. It will be available in the next beta.
During testing I also noticed and fixed two other items:
- Time print during simulation was frosen to 00:00
- Some places the last simulated plane was detected as crashed accidentally.