By Mark Wolpert 847924
#517669 .....and preserve all of my custom setup?

I need to install Eurscope (and actually Canscope) on a laptop to be used for our Live event in a few weeks. I have reinstalled ES 3.2 and also Canscope. I have also copied and pasted on the Canscope folder my current settings but my ES settings are all default. Which files do I need to copy over to regain my settings? thanks!
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#517674 What settings are you missing? You can look in Other Set -> Settings file setup and check the destination of the files there.
By Ryan Savara 1369362
#517680 All your settings are stored in the Euroscope folder, most likely inside your Documents folder. As mentioned above, you can check it via the scope.

Any time I have to reinstall something, I do the following process:
1. Zip whatever data files are necessary (in this case the entire Euroscope folder in my Documents).
2. Back this zip up a variety of ways (USB stick, external hard drive, some type of cloud storage, etc)
3. Use Total Uninstaller 6 (payware). This program gets everything, any hidden folders, as well as registry keys. It also can run the default Uninstaller for a program.
4. Restart the machine. Can never hurt.
5. Reinstall the program from a fresh installer
6. Patch any data files that I saved to restore settings
7. Another restart. We never restart them enough anyways.

This works for even the most complex configurations. PMDG and Prepar3d both underwent this and work flawlessly, and those are some really complex installations.