By Niels Voogd 1331163
#517753 this might be a stupid question/feature request, but is there/could there be a feature to display a jpg or png as background behind a radar screen? especially when dealing with vfr traffic it would be really usefull to have a "toggleable" background vfr chart under a hotkey.

what is the opinion on something like this?
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#517759 No, that is not possible. The only way you can get VFR informations onto the screen, is adding it to the sectorfiles (ese).
By Shrikar Galgali 1217255
#518177 I have tried doing that. Its a very tedious job , but if you really want it , you can do it.
This is what I did :
1. Go to and take a screenshot of the VFR area you want to replicate on ES.
2. Open Google Earth. Overlay that image accurately over the map to match it as accurately as possible.
3. Draw the Area using Path/Polygon of the area.
4. Save it as .kmz and parse the file using the tool on this website :
5. Your SCT is ready.

Below is the terrain overlay for the ASIA_W_FSS.