By Thimo Koolen 1345135
#519582 As a Tower control, I always have two instances of Euroscope on: the normal ground view of the airport and the approach view, to check for incoming traffic and of course check if a departure is squawking mode C, so Approach can see the plane. The Euroscope proxy connection is really useful and it seems everything is synchronized perfectly between the two instances of Euroscope. Except the voice room list...

This one seems to always be empty on the proxy instance. Am I doing something wrong or is it really not synchronized between the Euroscope instances?
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#519637 It is not synchronized - I think it is because you can't even set a frequency in your proxy session as well.
By Mark Wolpert 847924
#531523 Question on this. If you have multiple instances of ES open, does your voice transmit only when your mouse is on the voice instance. I have several open and if i am working on a proxy I cannot seem to transmit on the voice channel unless I first click on the primary and make it active. Is this correct?
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#531536 Negative, at least not for me. I can have any other window selected on my computer that whenever I press my PTT key, it'll start transmitting on frequency.