By Patrick Weineis 1244867
#519722 Hello Everyone

Could it be that Euroscope having problems with resolving the route?

there are few waypoints which can not be resolved, like STEIN, BERTA, NEMAL,....
but the Fixes exist in the sct file and written in Flightplan and sct file correctly.

Its testet with

all 3 same result
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#519977 I think you are looking at the wrong source. As far as I know, flight plan resolving is done with the airways file, so the file you provide as the FSNavigator database. You might to check that your waypoints are in there.

btw, aren't you working with GNG now? There it shouldn't be a problem anyway.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#520251 Hi Patrick

Now we additionally need the flight plan concerned. Best would be if you have a replay of a session where you observed the issue. Only then, we can clearly identify the problem.

By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#520319 Hi Patrick

I checked the scenario and was able to reproduce the bug. It seems there is something wrong when ES determines the route to be drawn while using isec.txt and airway.txt. If I make the airway.txt unavailable, ES reverts to SCT file content and makes the drawing correctly. The essential change should be that no restrictions or other information of the airway.txt are considered when the routing is clearly a direct waypoint to waypoint. So, if no airway designator is detected, only waypoint information from the isec.txt should be taken into account.
There was also a similar issue some time ago, but the problem there was the correct determination if a waypoint exists multiple times (at different places). I think there could be, at least partially, a connection. Or the problem was created with the fix for this bug. The forum link is viewtopic.php?f=71&t=68268.

@Patrick: Can you probably create a zip of sector file and the session log for Gergely to analyse?
@Gergely: Can you check this issue? Looks like this is a rather generic problem.
By Patrick Weineis 1244867
#520320 @Jonas thanks for checking the issue

You find Sectorfile and ISEC/Airway for Vacc Austria here:
the scenario for Testing here

What we already found is following waypoints:
NEMAL, STEIN and if I remember correctly GEMKA
By Gergely Csernak 904331
#520641 I was able to repeat the problem with the latest AIRAC files, and I found that the problem was because Austria had cancelled the airways and they are no more in the AIRWAY.txt file. It did not make any harm as long as the names are completely missing (SOVIL SITNI BAGSI MATIG), but NEMAL and STEIN is still a valid fix name in a valid airway (in deed far far away). ES had the logic to select the closest point if multiple found, but as soon as the close points are not there anymore the closests are the far away ones.

I modified the logic: First ES selects the point name always from the SCT/ISEC.txt file (the closest to the prior point). Then it looks for the AIRWAY.txt file but ignores it if it is more than 10 NMs far.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#520719 Thanks for looking after it, Gergely. Did you check the same logic will be applied for simulation aircraft in a scenario? There was already an issue earlier that the route drawing was different from what those aircraft flew. Just not that this happens again ...