By Jacob Gear 1332365
#521648 Hello all,

Not sure if this is in the right place so point me in the right direction if not please.

After a while of not controlling I have tried to install Euroscope, however when loading up I am greeted with a weird issue that no matter what I try will not seem to go away. When I try and click the "OPEN SCT" or other menus like settings a green thin line appears all down the page, and there is a grey box that is flickering in and out at the bottom of the client. This is regardless of what Sector file I am using.


- I can open the connection menu fine

- I have tried uninstalling totally and deleting any files leftover, I have ensured I am running as administrator, I have tried changing display settings on both of my monitors, I have tried using Euroscope in fullscreen and not,.

- I am running Windows 8.