By Timothy Barker 1202744
#521759 I have multiple Radar sites defined. I do not receive any radar returns. I use the .showantenna command and I see them in the airspace with plenty of overlap.

Do I have to turn on each radar site individually? I saw somewhere that they update every 60 seconds.

Is there a config option to adjust this based on radar site?

A terminal radar gets much faster updates than an en-route radar site.
By Bjoern Helge Smaavollan 1055999
#521969 All antennas are on by default. And if you turn any antennas off by: ".antennaoff XXXX" this will not be saved to your next session.

The question would be, what is the antenna settings in your .ese file? This will be where your radars visibility and floor is set.

Are your sure there are aircraft in the air where you are looking? With pro simulations if aircraft are below radarfloor you can not see them, also if they are squawking standby, and you have not selected "show squawk standby aircraft" you will not see them either.