By Qiushi Jin 1356779
#522212 I want to develop my ATC tools, and I have learned how to connect it to Euroscope's Proxy. However, VATSIM Code Of Conduct says
To log onto the network, pilots must have downloaded and installed approved pilot client software and controllers must have downloaded and installed approved controller client software.
, so can I use Proxy to connect my own software? :?
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#522226 Hello Qiushi.

Maybe I am wrong, but I would say that as long as your primary connection to VATSIM is done using one of the approved clients, you can then connect anything you want to the proxy, as -in my understanding- these 'extras' do not get connected at anytime to the servers.

Anyway, I am sure someone else will tell us the answer for certain shortly.