By Sebastien Bartosz 1053857
#523049 If you look at the top left of the list, there are some buttons for settings where you can define how many in the list you can see

The first button on the left defines the size of the list window. The following options are available:

unlimited - in that case, there is no limit to the number of lines in the list window. The lists shrinks or expands according to the number of aircrafts.
maximum nn - in that case, the window has a variable size according to the number of aircrafts and expands only to the maximal size indicated by the nn parameter.
fix nn - in that case, the window has a fixed length and displays the nn first items.
The second button allows you to define which items are to be displayed in the list window. Full details are described below.

The third button opens the List Columns Setup Dialog to completely customize the lists up to your needs. Full explanation is given at the end of this page.

By clicking on the header of a column in each list, the order of the aircrafts in the list can be changed. This can be saved in the settings file.