By Jorge Gonzalez 1417795
#523413 Hello fellas,

Firstly I want to apologize before asking you some doubts: I'm pretty new in what Euroscope is and its features.

I'm kind of working with this software at the university and I'm having troubles related with sector files. What I understand is that you can download them from the sector menu clicking on "Download Sector Files...", once I get in there I see multiple Available sector files providers with the option of Download. Once I click on them Euroscope Send me a message: "Error: Failed to create file: C:\Program Files \EuroScope\"etcetc" download.

How can I fix it?

What I want to have is the .sct file in order to work with it separately from Euroscope. Is there any other way?

Thank you so much.
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#523415 You can always download a sectorfile manually from a vACC website - but the error you get, could be because you are not running it as administrator.
By Nestor Perez 1369273
Jorge Gonzalez 1417795 wrote:Thank you Morten.

I have visited several vACC websites. Concretely I'm quite interested in the spanish airspace but in VATSPA I can't find any way to have access to the files. I know VATUK is pretty more accesible as any other divisions.

Hello Jorge! You may be interested in joining us on TeamSpeak at VATSPA. We are normally on during the afternoons and not only will we be able to tell you how and where to find the sectorfiles, but we can also help you out on configuring EuroScope to meet our local needs.