By Bernd Mehl 1125821
#523776 I have a scenario with this 2 aircrafts:
The 3HG has a delay of 5 minutes.
The $ROUTE is exactly the same - AMADI NAPSA ....
The 5DI is displayed at correct position 33NM R256 from LOWL
The 3HG is then displayed on same position - but only for some seconds - then the tag jump to 51NM R282 from LOWL

The same problem is with some other planes.

Any idea?
By Magnus Gustafsson 880543
#523822 Hello!
Are you using beta Euroscope?

I am an beta Euroscope user and found out that latest versions of beta Euroscope have the similar problem where almost every traffic jumps northeast about 30-50 NM after few seconds!
I had beta version (.R10) where I found that it works as it should with same scenario file.

I do think I have provided [email protected] with my findings I while ago, but not certain.

By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#524140 The issue has already been reported and is known by Gergely (see Magnus post here: viewtopic.php?p=520573#p520573). So for the time, use r10 (or earlier) to run scenario files. I assume the error will be fixed with the next beta release, which Gergely for sure will announce when it is published.