By Fahad Usmani 1191523
#524661 Hello,

I was looking up VATSIM UK's controlling videos on youtube and I noticed that with a hotkey they can zoom into an airport and zoom back out again immediately. How is this achieved?

Seems particularly useful for when you are controlling Center and don't want to use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out everytime.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#524662 Within on running session of ES you can have several sectors active. When you press F7 you can switch between those open sectors.
By Luke Mullen 1370133
#524744 You can also do it this way:

Take Glasgow (EGPF) for example. In ES, navigating to OTHER SET -> General Settings -> Page 2, under the sub heading "ASR Display" is where hotkeys can be setup.

I (in my Glasgow profile) have F1+1 set to C:\Users\me\Documents\EuroScope\UK\Data\ASR\Glasgow\Glasgow Radar_3.asr and F1+2 set to the SMR path.