By Tom Maxwell 1420306
#525305 I am new to this product and controlling in general but I think I am OK with software in general. For the life of me, I cannot figure out the file structure of Euroscope. There are profile files, asr files, settings files, sector files, alias files, ICAO airlines file, ICAO airport files, ICAO Aircraft file, Airport Coordinates, FSNavigator data, Vatism server IP addresses, additional server IP addresses, and maybe a couple I missed. I don't fully know how to use all of these. I have read the WIKI multiple times and it does a good job of explaining what information is in each file, but it is lacking on how they are interrelated and used. It seems that several of the files have the same information in them.

I am struggling with understanding the workflow. For instance, if I set everything up to function as GND_IAH, and then want to save it, I would think all the settings should go into one profile file for GND_IAH. So if I reload it later, everything will be exactly the same. But it seems that if I now set up EuroScope for say TWR_HOU and change the settings, they overwrite the previous settings in the settings files for GND_IAH. So do I need to go into the Settings files setup screen and designate new files for each configuration I create? And if I then wan to reload the GND_IAH configuration, do I not have to go back into the Settings files setup screen and reset the previous file names for GND_IAH?

If someone could provide some workflow examples of how they have set up these files for say two or three different positions, I will be very grateful. I am confused to say the least. Thank-you!
By Martijn Rammeloo 1302622
#525315 Hi Tom,

I am with you. As a matter of fact, I prefer a root-canal treatment over updating sector files.

On the other hand: my VACC has written a fairly me-proof manual about this subject. As the exact workflow is different for each VACC, I suggest you contact your local Training Department for further assistance. Otherwise, try contacting an on-duty controller at KIAH. Workload permitting, I see no reason why he couldn't help you setting up your system.

Good luck!

By Tom Maxwell 1420306
#525321 Thanks for the reply. I will see if I can hunt down a Euroscope expert here. I have not joined a facility yet so I will post on the US forum looking for a resident Euroscope expert. I don't mean to sound unappreciative and I am sure there are sound reasons for the design, I am just not seeing the file structure layout and why the need for so many configuration files in so many different places. I am relentless and I will figure this out and understand it before it is all over. Thanks again!