By michael LaRosh 1418112
#525993 It would be nice to be able to make a flight plan for planes that don't have one. Why I ask is because I know sometimes piolts don't file especially if its a VFR flight. It would be nice if we could make one so every flight has a plan so all ATC that would be controlling them knows when going on.
By Tomas Hansson 840812
#525994 You can and we teach it in Canada to new controllers. (A VFR flight plan is not required here). Just use the ".am" (amend) command and click on the tag. This will pop up an empty flight plan window and you can enter the data based on the information given to you by the pilot.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#526001 You can always open the empty flight plan mask of a flight without flight plan, either with the command Tomas mentioned, or via the label (if there is a click defined to open the flight plan). Then just complete the flight plan information and it's in the system.