By Matisse VanWezer 1385143
#527917 Hi!

I wanted to use the new r17 beta from Euroscope but the TAG background is black. I used to have a transparent tag, just until I hovered over the tag where it would give me a black background(detailed). Though with this update I continuously have the black background, not matter if the tag is detailed, tagged or untagged. The *new* "transparent TAG background setting is checked yet it stays there with a background.

Any ideas on how to revert it back to the *normal* settings? (good tag v3.2) (normal settings v3.2) (bad tag/r17) (r17 setting)
By Matisse VanWezer 1385143
Matisse VanWezer 1385143 wrote:Thanks for the reply. It sadly doesn't change it since the tags keeps the black background.

Correction: It completely removes the background but I only want the background there when I hover over the tag.

untagged: off
tagged: off
detailed: on
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#527958 All those plugins also do their own radar screens. So make sure the situation you are referring to is NOT drawn by one of those plugins.

But in any case, those three options do not work really according their naming. Looks like there is some more work needed on r18.
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528061 Yeah, same happens to me using absolutely no plugins. On the last update there's a new checkbox in the Symbology Settings menu related to the TAG background (can't remember exactly what it says now), but it seems to have no effect for me.

All I can do is have the TAG background either always or never there. I believe before this update it was possible to show it only when showing as 'detailed'.

I'll drop a line over to Gergely and we'll see if he can help us out :roll: .
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528068 He seems unable to log into the forum for some reason, so I’ll post his reply for him:


I do confirm that it is a bug in the latest beta. I also found a small rounding error that sometimes moves the simulated planes some distance to the prior position.
I already fixed them and I will publish it soon.