By Michael Kuhne 1174044
#527950 Using the latest beta (2018-10-14 build version (3.2a(r18))), I am experiencing from time to time an "Unspecified error" message, after some second a second one pops up. No impact as far as I can see, I can just click them away and everything continues to work fine.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#527959 Actually found out during a session with another member using r18 as well that we get those errors exactly at the same time. We were also both observing the same area. Thus, it's very likely this issue is connected to some messages from the network which ES r18 cannot properly read.
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528876 Oh, so it's not only me! Thank God.
I had no clue of what I could've broken this time in my setup :oops:
By Oliver Gruetzmann 961224
#529882 Think I found something about it: Today, I had the error again on some occasions, later during my shift I experienced something I've seen recently several times as well: A flight without a flight plan, where others had one.

I was trying to get the plan via .getfp -> Unspecified Error
I asked fellow controllers to change something in the fp -> Unspecified error each time someone closed the flight plan with OK.

I'll post my logs tomorrow, maybe someone can find out what happened, I didn't see anything wrong. Seems to be something in some flight plans.
By Oliver Gruetzmann 961224
#529883 This is the flight: ... gn=SAS1678

It had a wrong departure airport at first, which was amended by some controller (need to check which version this guy uses), maybe this is something to look after. Can't see anything strange in the plan so far.
By Oliver Gruetzmann 961224
#529895 Found the error:

Code: Select all[20:04:21 >>>> EDWW_B_CTR]
$FPSAS1678:*A:I:MD88:430:EKDB:2090:2090:FL280:EKCH:0:51:2:11:EKOD:+VFPS+/V/ /XSQUACKBOX /NEWBIE:GERGA T239 PEROM T298 MONAK

Look at the :2090:2090: part, which is Estimated Time of Departure and Actual Time of Departure. Changing this to 2030:2030 gets rid of the error. Not sure how this is possible.

Check the Log:!AjT-PvbG_V3g1TfGJrQi0nGZmJHY

You'll get 2 errors popping up right at the start, if you change the two lines, the error is gone.
By Andrew Gransden 1280731
#532851 I have been experiencing this fault for sometime. Today it occurred to several UK controllers at the same time. After a period of multiple error messages it stopped and then restarted about 30 mins later for a short period. I am using v3.2 r19. Can we ask when it will be fixed?