By Matisse VanWezer 1385143
#531058 Hey guys

I'm trying to setup my second laptop to run obs and a capture my scope during busy events where my own laptop can't take all that data.

This is the situation:
I use my primary laptop to control and use a second laptop to capture the control session using a proxy connection within Euroscope. The problem is that Euroscope disables voice related functions on the secondary laptop with a proxy connection.

"The secondary instance will not be able to produce any voice related functionality (and it is blocked by EursoScope). Therefore, always use the primary EuroScope instance for the voice functionality." (As stated in the Wiki)

Why Euroscope blocks it? " because only one program can listen to the appropriate UDP port." (also from the Wiki)
Though I'm no tech guy myself, I think that if I have two laptops I also have two ports which would make disabling voice functionality obsolete.

So now the question remains, is there any way to disable this block so I can listen and stream my own voice and the pilots' on the secondary laptop?

Many thanks in advance,

Van Wezer Matisse