By Matisse VanWezer 1385143
#531454 Hi everyone

I'd like to hear what controllers think of an RDF in Euroscope.

If you don't know what it is; here's a brief explanation:

"Radio Direction Finder (RDF) assists the controllers in rapidly identifying which aircraft is transmitting on the frequency. " [EUROCONTROL]
It addresses, for controllers, an important problem: the voice codec. Gone are the days asking to repeat the callsigns!

Photo: ... tified.png
In action video:

I personally think such plugin would require relatively low work compared to others, especially due to its tremendous potential and usability. Additionally, most of the code code has already been written! The MUAC plugin by Pierre Ferran ( includes a fully functional RDF. Though it unfortunately requires a separate radar screen, with custom tags etc, for it to be used.

Controllers, make some noise! And maybe,... just maybe,... we can see an RDF in the near future.

Kind regards,

Matisse Van Wezer

Want to know more? ... finder-rdf
By Andrew Ogden 1336925
#531506 Yes, that is the correct link. The plugin requires you to create a separate radar screen to use it, and the option can be found under Open SCT (as far as I remember). Bear in mind that this plugin was designed for Eurocontrol, and if you wish to use this plugin for regular CTR/TMA controlling you might come across some limitations. You must also give the plugin all of the permissions it requires in the Plugins menu. A dedicated RDF plugin would be an interesting idea for the future.

Hope this helps!

By Claus Hemberg Joergensen 1138158
#534241 I have been playing a bit around with a plugin, only with RDF (or at least, RDF'ish) functionality. Feel free to have a look at it and try it out:

There is an ok solution (circle and line drawing like in the video linked above), and a less ok tag-based solution, but still the simplest thing I could make work, in case you are not using the Standard ES Radar view. I have tried to describe the options on the page linked, not that easy, but hopefully understandable.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out, how to implement without using a custom radar view, but if anyone could explain to me, how I can draw on a radar view not defined by my plugin, I would be happy to hear more about it, since it would make this plugin much more usable!

Best regards

Claus Hemberg Jørgensen
Controller/Mentor, Vatsim Scandinavia