By Kieran Harvey 1411003
#531900 Hello,

I am trying to connect to Vatsim as an observer for the first time and I get the following error.

"Only BETA members are allowed to connect to VATSIM with this version."

Problem is it is the only version I have found to work properly for me where I can actually get stuff to display etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kieran Harvey.
By Kieran Harvey 1411003
#531914 Hi,

Yes I installed the controller pack. I can see the SMR's and connect now, can see users planes on ground, but cannot find any frequencies to listen in to.

I am going to try a fresh install, and report back.

In the meantime if you have any ideas would be appreciated :)

By Kieran Harvey 1411003
#532019 Hi,


I have been able to connect and view everything properly including all frequencies now.

The issue was I hadn't un-ticked 'load previous profile'.

I was trying to load it all directly from ASR's etc.

Now each time I load up I can select the specific PRF file I want and it is all working swimmingly.

Thanks for the help.


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