By Jorge Gonzalez 1417795
#531931 Hellow everyone,

Since last week I have been dealing with problems with the connection of Euroscope. I'm just an student learning how to use Euroscope and using it without connection to VATSIM.
Firstly I open the EuroScope FSD Server and then I connect Euroscope to my own IP in Start Sweatbox Simulator Session connection mode.
Since last week, when I open the Euroscope FSD Server I receive the following messages:

[2019.04.03 10:12:20] Examining license data ...
[2019.04.03 10:12:20] No more restart without license download.
[2019.04.03 10:12:20] Downloading license data from license server ...
[2019.04.03 10:12:21] Failed to download license file.

Then, when I try to connect Euroscope I receive:

VATSIM server dound while non-VATSIM server was requested.

I don't know if it has something to do with the fact of is down.

Any idea about how to solve it?

Thank you, a newbie.
By Hakan Schulz 937154
#531983 EuroScopeFsdServer need PublicVatsimLicence.lic file which could be downloaded from:

Unfortunately, the webpage is down and I would assume
that PublicVatsimLicence.lic checks the validity with the webpage.
Thus, very sadly EuroScopeFsdServer.exe could only be started 4 times thereafter,
the program is locked.
By Michael Pike 812012
#531990 The reason this is an important issue is when testing new scenario files, we have to use the Sweatbox server because the built in FSD can't be run at the moment. Sweatbox will do nicely instead (and that's how we always had to do it before!) but sometimes someone else maybe running a session at the same airfield you want to test so you have to find another time.

I know Gergely is aware of the issue and if there were a quick fix, he would have done it.