By George Barlow 1339920
#532070 Hi all,

Anyone got the Euroscope TS3 Server file (the package file). I wanted to setup the teamspeak server for VCCS on my Linux distri and was wondering if anyone was able to supply the files since the website is down and I’m
unable to get it.

By George Barlow 1339920
Michael Pike 812012 wrote:Look at this post: viewtopic.php?f=71&t=78301#p531571
The EuroScope Beta 19 zip file in the Google drive referred to there contats the TS3 Server file supplied with Euroscope.

Thanks for your response Michael, however, what I think you're referencing is the 'ts3_server_win32.dll', which is not only for windows but also only works with the FSD server program and isn't the deb package file I was looking for :(.

The file should be of a package file which contains the Teamspeak 3 server files to be able to run on a linux distro, the file used to be located on the changes page of '' and was named something like 'package-ests3_1.0.1-i386.deb'.

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