By Patrick Weineis 1244867
#533139 problem still exist.
What also observed that people who installed a fresh installation of Euroscope are not able to get there sectorfiles due the missing download.

we handle it at the moment by transfering an old providerlist, but always must be edit by notepad.

when do you expect it to be fixed?
By Alexey Kaznakov 1142081
#533230 Hello. Can't log in at all. After pressing button CONNECT nothing heppens. But error appears: server returned result code 404 for file: /sectorfile/euroscope_sector_providers.txt. Tried different providers but still no way to log in online.
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#533231 Hi Alexey! That's 2 different problems and the sectorfile provider one will not affect your login to VATSIM. Have you set your CALLSIGN, CID, PASSWORD, SERVER, NAME and RATINGS all correctly? What you're experiencing is what usually happens when one of these is missing.