By David Solesvik 1341101
#532884 Would it be possible for me to host a private sweatbox server on Euroscope 3.2 (a19), where I can spawn my own aircraft on a private server, instead of on the actual sweatbox server (so that others can connect as well)? That way, I don't have to bother actual sweatbox training by vACCs. I heard you could do that but I'm not entirely sure how to. Thanks.
By Adam Turner 1262886
#532928 You can use Euroscope's own server to do this. You will firstly need to download the licence key (PublicVatsimLicense.lic) from Then find "Euroscope FSD Server 1.2" in your start menu. When prompted, select the license file previously downloaded. Now open Euroscope, in the menu where you connect to VATSIM you will need to change two things: 1) Untick the "Connect to VATSIM" box and, 2) Change the server to "localhost". You can now start a Sweatbox session as you would on the VATSIM Sweatbox server but instead it will run on the server running on your computer. You can double check by ensuring that the planes you see in Euroscope are listed in the "Simulated planes" list in the FSD server window.