By Martin Stockzell 1294494
#533860 I just noticed that my laptop doesn't have a HOME-button. Now it's really no big deal when Im travelling to just typ ".contactme". But I would love to be able to bind it to another button.

And on the same topic. Any chance of changing the text to "Please contact me on XXX.XXX" to something similar to VRC. For example "Please contact me on XXX.XXX and please use the frequency, don't reply to this message"

Its super annoying getting 20% replies with "Rgr", "ok", "soon", "why" and so forth :)

It's the small stuff that makes the big differences ;)
By Martin Stockzell 1294494
Kenneth Haught 1067681 wrote:You could create an alias for it to be something like .cm or similar, and put whatever text you want it to say.

All true. However the hard coded home button would be lovely to be able to change :)
By Martin Stockzell 1294494
#533889 OK. Follow up question!

If I go for the alias solution. What does the .contactme actually do?

I can make my own semi version by using an alias of .cm .msg $aircraft Please contact me on $com but that wouldn't work on uncorrelated and unidentified tags (as .contactme does)

Anyone with a good answer? :)