By Chris Zhang 1424615
#534994 As almost all procedures in China are named in 'XXX-YYA' or 'XXX-YYD' format, the client cannot function properly for the procedures. In addition, the lists and tags will only show the first matched procedure among the list, no matter what you manually select. I wonder whether Euroscope treats hyphen '-' as separator instead of normal char in route.

For example, we have STARs 'BIRGO-01A' and 'BIGRO-91A' for runway 09. The client automatically chooses 'BIGRO-01A' since it is the first matched procedure. Then, when I want to change the procedure to 91A, it is possible to find 'BIGRO-91A' in the procedure list, and the route in flight plan also changes to 'BIGRO BIGRO-91A/09', but in all the lists and tags it still shows 01A.
By Harry Sugden 1237658
#535763 I believe your second paragraph relates to something I noticed in another thread, STAR Selection Logic.

I didn't receive a reply from Gergely there - I'll drop him an email pointing to these two threads now.