By Robert Tomczyk 822189
#535923 Hi,
I have been asked to republish my SMTimer plugin for ES which I have written in 2014 and it still is running in 2019 :shock:

I also made a standalone version (JSMTimer) which is written in java. It's more advanced and you can customize the timers there.

You can download (J)SMTimer here:

By Robert Tomczyk 822189
Martijn Rammeloo 1302622 wrote:The Java version also works great. Configuration is easy. Somehow I cannot seem to edit the right-most clock, changes go into the second clock from the right. Could be PEBCAK though. I will try again later.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the feedback, i can confirm the bug you have found. Will have a look and fix it asap.

EDIT: Fixed the bug in the Java applet. PEBCAK on my side :lol: