By Andrea Mazzoni 1300705
#536384 Hello guys, because I was advised that for Euroscope will be necessary use the latest version after the release of AFV, I decide to uninstall the old version and install the new on my PC....however.....i found this bad surprise. Image
It seems something just like if Euroscope have a problem to adapt the full screen mode or something of any case, with this situation, I'm unable to control online.

If someone could give me an help, will be appreciate. I'm coming from a country where VATSIM suffer a lack of users..... :(
By Andrea Mazzoni 1300705
#536426 Problem solved. I made an update of all drivers, uninstalled ES and make also a malware scansion to see if it was present something....I'm sure however that it was a problem correlated with the drivers or with an update of Windows.

Ready to control again on Milano Radar!