By Claus Hemberg Joergensen 1138158
#537309 Are you a Euroscope user and getting used to not having a list of who is in your voice room? Why not try out the Radio Direction Finder plugin, simulating the Eurocontrol RDF system. The first community developed AFV compatible plugin is now available, developed in cooperation with the AFV dev team finding time between other bug fixes to collaborate.

Update to the lastest AFV Standalone Client, and go to for plugin download and more info.

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By Claus Hemberg Joergensen 1138158
Martijn Rammeloo 1302622 wrote:Claus,

It is working flawlessly! Danke!!


I believe there is a small typo in your post....didn't you mean "Claus and Gary? :wink:
Nevertheless, good to hear that it works, and that you like it :D