By Dvir Ben-David 1400705
#541992 Hello,
Every time I control, Euroscope disconnect me without giving any error or reason why.
It disconnects at different intervals everytime, one time it can be after being connected for 10 minutes and the other time it can be after being connected for 3 hours. I already tried connecting to different servers but this thing happened with every server I tried.
Does anyone here know why such thing may happen?

Thank you in advance.
By Dvir Ben-David 1400705
Michael Pike 812012 wrote:Are you using a wifi connection? I sometimes get a temporary glitch on the wireless signal and if it lasts long enough (a minute or so), ES may drop the connection.

Negative, I'm using a wired connection.
Maybe there is a log file that wrote the reason for disconnecting? Even though it didn't write me an error in the messages tab.
By Dvir Ben-David 1400705
#544495 Update: After getting some errors in V-pilot and X-pilot, I realized that the error that caused this is Error 10054, which is caused because the connection is not finishing the TCP handshake properly. Though I still din't found a fix for that... I'll update if I'll find a solution.