By Kyprianos Biris 810309
#542537 I was operating Euroscope in Windows7 for years without issues.
I recently upgraded via Win7 to Win10 (with the option provided from Microsoft to old Win7ers) and a difference I spotted is that Eurscope is now a bit slower in FRAME RATE type of refresh.
Its not the radar targets update rate, this is natural, its the actual frame rate of the software.
For example if I pan the radar screen it takes a slight delay to refresh, more than before.
I can "feel" this also in the overall operation of the radar, menu's etc. Its a tad slower in response/refresh.

Any clues ?
Do I need a specific graphics setting in my Windows 10 for Euroscope to perform more smooth ?

By Chriss Klosowski 1306415
#543078 I agree that this is an issue that should maybe be looked at. Controlling EURS_FSS with busy traffic on my old Windows 7 machine was super smooth and fine. But controlling EURS_FSS on my Windows 10 machine is like trying to land the Aerosoft A330 with frames the same as a slideshow :lol: