By Giovanni Tarar 1468404
#548224 Hi everyone!
I've been using Euroscope from a few months now and I'm slowly getting more familiar with all the various features that this software has to offer.
I'm recently having a problem in which I opened a few ASR views from my vACC, but after I closed them (F1+0 or Open SCT and CLOSE), the name stays there, and actually since I opened some (LIPZ_APP.asr) more than once it's also repeated.
Does anyone know how to remove them? I've attached a screenshot below.
Many thanks in advance!
By Wenjun Zhou 1297819
#548251 AFAIK the asr cannot be removed from this list once you open it, as this list should be something like "recently opened asr list". All opened asr files will be kept there until you quit EuroScope.

There's one more thing that when you press F1+num, the asr is gone, but it is not the same as clicking CLOSE on the list which will ask you to save the changes. This only makes the asr temporarily deactivate and you can restore it anytime by clicking it back from this list.
By Michael Pike 812012
#548287 If you are comfortable editing text files you can open the file in Notepad and delete all the lines beginning with 'RecentFiles'
The profile file is in your Documents/Euroscope folder normally. The lines will contain 'Recent1'..'Recent2' etc. Doesn't matter what order they are in or which, if any, you leave. Best not to do it while Euroscope is open.

Of course this doesn't delete the asr files themselves, just the link in the dropdown list.