By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#541600 I've noticed that VATSpy cannot deal well with multiple stations defined as UIR covering the same FIRs. For example, we have EDYY and EURM, both defined in the UIR section of the dat file, covering EBBU above FL245. There is however an issue if both EDYY and EURM are online. Both positions will be displayed on the map and the pilots don't know who to call. There is actually a priority making EDYY the station to call in this case.

Would it be possible to use the order of UIR definitions to determine which station it is to be displayed? Easiest would be to check line by line top down for a specific FIR and if a station online covering the FIR is found, don't check for further UIR stations. Actually very similar to how sector definitions for ATC clients work. Could this be an option for improvement?