By Nikhil Mathur 1360457
#547714 Upon startup, VATSpy gives me a "Data Download Error", with description "There are no enabled data servers! Would you like to enable all servers?" In the bottom left-hand corner of the application, a message reads "Error downloading data!" in red text. I've checked the firewall and antivirus settings, and nothing related to VATSpy is blocked. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the help. VATSpy is a great program, Ross!
By Javier Larroulet 878670
#547720 It's not just VATSpy... it appears that all data feed endpoints are down

If there's anyone from the VP of Network Systems, just a heads up: all URLs listed in are down (I've been seeing a mix of HTTP 400 and HTTP 404 responses on all of those)