By Johan Grauers 1113891
#393909 I'm maybe 50% done with converting the files, but the project is on ice at the moment due to christmas etc. But if anyone out there wants to help out you're most welcome (also because I don't acctually know the files that well, even though I usually manage to avoid error messages I don't always know why :lol: ).
By Johan Grauers 1113891
#401785 Is anyone out there sitting on some vatspy documentation? I've just picked the files up again (real life got away and then I simply forgot them...). Problem is that I get a faulty line (yes still the same I mailed you about ages ago Ross), I've now replaced it so it's identical to the old files (that worked fine) but I still get the same "invalid field count" error.

So if anyone has a document or link to some documentation about how vat-spy reads the config file it would be great.
By Mirza Ibrahimovic 890112
#404763 Hei Anders,

Thx. for the update ;)

I have SI 2.02 and the latest update, but still have problems not seing SVBL_APP online, is that normal?

Actually it and some other positions are listed in ATC list as OBS/Undef. CSs and thereby not on the countrys list together with other stations. Is it only because the person is connected as OBS from his scope (but he has active freq :? ) or a other issue? Same case with SVBL_GND.

Any further files that I need then original SI 2.02 and the latest update?
By Mirza Ibrahimovic 890112
#404801 Hi Steve, many thanks :-)

Maybe repeating question, but can I hereby without problems change airport names if I wish? For instance, LIRJ, Marina di Campo on Elba Island, is in Servinfo named with old name etc.

And in the situations that I fly to a airport, and the Servinfo time line is not moving, is because the airport is not known in database, correct? For instance LJSG, Slovenj Gradec.
By Stephen Cotterill 1016107
#404809 Yes you can change the names as required [be careful not to use special characters /\ etc.]

And correct on the second question. [But there is a maximum limit to how many Airports you can have so don’t go crazy adding them] :)

By Jack Richardson 1125776
#410041 Any news on the update conversion for Vat-Spy? - This is as I much prefer the UI of Vatspy and I also believe that it shows places with multiple UIRs (e.g. French airspace with LFUP and EURW) without error like in Servinfo.

It would be much appreciated