By Patrick Weineis 1244867
#518846 Hy Christoph Reule
It seems you are the Vatspy Data provider :)

We have at Austria 2 new station, and hopefully you could intigrate it into the System.

LOVV_N_APP -> provide APP service for LOWL and LOWS
LOVV_S_APP -> provide APP service for LOWG and LOWK

Don't know if this is possible

nice regards
Weineis Patrick
Sectorfileprovider Austria
By Christoph Reule 1379750
#518851 Just a reminder (quote originally dated from September 15):

Christoph Reule 1379750 wrote:Hello all,

as you might have noticed lately a new network viewer utility is now available (AccuMap) which I think has quite good potential. In order to avoid unnecessary "double workload" I decided to stop providing updates for VATSpy. Thanks for your understanding.

Maybe someone else is willing to provide further updates for VATSpy?