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By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#514765 I bought the Carenado C185 Skywagon for FSX and also have the Carenado C182Q for FS2004. The vent system for both look identical.

Here is a shot of the pilot side vent


To me, this looks "open" allowing vented air to come into the cabin from the outside. However, the vent control knob is in the closed position.


Did Carenado get it backwards or am I making a wrong assumption about what a real world Cessna vent looks like when it is "open"?

By Joshua Black 988581
#514778 These are two completely separate systems. The air vents on the upper left and right of the windscreen are operated by simply pushing and twisting the ventilators open and shut. To close them in the airplane, one would physically push in, then twist to secure... vice versa for opening back up. The air is simply ram air taken from just the other side of the ventilators... leading edge of the wing and at the root.

When you Operate the cabin air knob, it's simply taking air from outside, into a manifold just aft of the firewall, and vented into the cabin. Operate the cabin heat knob and it's doing the same thing except the air is being heated as it passes in and around the exhaust muffler shroud .
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By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#514795 Thanks Joshua. If I understand what you are saying, and I'm pretty sure I do thanks to the diagram, the vents at the upper left and upper right near the windscreen are a completely separate system from the vent knob on the dash. By that I mean having the, I'll call them "ram air vents", open does not require you to have the dash vent knob closed, right?

The reason I say this, is in the Carenado, I can open the "ram air vents" by clicking on them and they open. I can have the upper left open and the upper right closed, or both open, or left closed and right open, or both closed. The vent on the upper left, however, seems to be interconnected with the panel vent knob, but the the one on the upper right is not. In other words, if I open the panel knob vent, the upper left vent closes, but the upper right does not. Close the panel knob vent and the upper left opens, but if the upper right is closed it does not open.

So, has Carenado got this wrong? Are the panel knob and the upper left vent "connected" in the real aircraft so they cannot both be open or both be closed at the same time? Doesn't look like it according to the diagram you shared, but I don't know. Never been inside a real Cessna in my life.

By Joshua Black 988581
#514796 The cabin air and cabin heat knobs have nothing to do with either the left or right ventilator located at the top of the windscreen. Completely separate they are. The position of the cabin air knob has no effect on the intensity of the air being blown into the cabin... Only how far out you have the ventilator will change the rate of flow. Not too sure why they would model it to have them connected in any way. I can't see the 185 being any different from other single engine cessna's.

When you pull the cabin air, it opens a little flap on the side of the engine cowling to scoop up air. The cabin heat knob opens a valve to allow air heated from the exhaust muffler shroud into the cabin.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#514797 I haven't flown a C185 in about 20 years or so, and only flew it a few times, but I am pretty certain they are not interconnected at all in real life, which would make Carenado's modeling incorrect. And they are not at all connected in the C140, C150, C152, C172, C175, C177, C182, C195, C205, C206 or C210 , so one might reasonably assume that's the same for the C185.

(it was fun to remember how many single engine Cessnas I've flown! Also flew the 305 but it's been a while and I don't remember the air vents, so can't comment definitively, and the twin Cessnas I've flown don't use the exact same ram air vent)

So I'm guessing it's Carenado's error. Suggest you give them a shout and inquire with/clarify with/suggest to/correct them directly. :)
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#514802 Thanks Joshua and Don,

Really it ain't no big thing cause when I open the vents I can't feel any air anyway... :D I have a small 4 desk fan. maybe anytime I open any vents i should point that little fan at my face... :)

Anyways, thanks for the information. At least now I know...the rest of the story (don't know how many here ever listened to or even heard of Paul Harvey).

I will send Carenado a shout, but it's such a minor thing I doubt they put out an update.

Thanks again guys!

By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#514837 To add on to what was said above, the vents on top left and right of windscreen are directly from a "hole" on the wing leading edge at the root (on each side). The connection is literally a 6inch elbow, and they are totally (as stated already) separate from the panel adjustments.