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By Varun Solanki 1288821
#515478 Hello!

On Saturday 1st July,2017. Singapore Airlines upgraded their B777-212ER service to A350-941XWB. As it was the first A350 to appear in daylight, many spotters had come to see it. So here it is! (p.s it was raining when I clicked).

SQ422 A359 0740 1030 1234567
SQ421 A359 1145 1950 1234567

By Charan Kumar 1078107
#516280 Kewl....she was my ride from SFO to SIN last weekend...my first A350 flight, didn't have anything to complain about...comfortable seats in Economy seat G...an uneventful 15.3 hr flight.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Charan Kumar 1078107 wrote:an uneventful 15.3 hr flight.

Yikes. By about hour nine, I think I'd be *begging* for "eventful." (For that matter, by hour twelve I'd probably *be* "eventful." LOL!)
By Charan Kumar 1078107
#516287 LOL, have gotten used to these long hauls now. First time on SFO-DXB, I remember seeing hr 9, and realizing there was 7 more to go...I know what you mean!!!