Discussion of aviation matters that are not specifically to do with VATSIM
By Camden Bruno 1253785
#519055 Pray that there's no mud. If it's a takeoff, cancel the takeoff. If it's a landing, proceed off of the grass (or whatever other surface) ASAP and hope no one saw. Regardless, call airport operations so they can notify their landscaper. And, of course, notify ATC (if applicable) so they can act accordingly.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519081 (some of these answers are applicable to the US only)

...and get your wallet out and open it up. The giant sucking sound will be both the money going to inspect and fix the plane, repair the airport damage, and/or pay for the increase in your insurance premiums, as well as your license being "held" by the FAA, pending your 709 ride....

Seriously, though, you'll need to inspect (or have a mechanic inspect) your aircraft for damage, report any airport damage, and depending on the level of damage and/or injury, you may have to file a report with the NTSB. If you do need to report to the airport and/or ATC, they will likely also report to the FAA, and you can expect an investigation.
By Camden Bruno 1253785
Don Desfosse 1035677 wrote:as well as your license being "held" by the FAA, pending your 709 ride....

NEVER hand over your license to an FAA representative, though. The only person that can physically take your license is a judge. FAA reps on the ramp are not law enforcement, and cannot simply confiscate your license.
By Steven Perry 810054
#519205 On VATSIM? It happens. Get back on pavement and move along.

Otherwise I doubt there is any prescribed phraseology for this. But we do have a few example recordings here...


Search on the page for "excursion". The one on October 1 2017 went something like this: "Yeah, we're fine. My foot got stuck in the rudder."

The tower is most likely going to see it. If tower does not seem to notice, let him/her know quickly as it is going to impact other operations. If somehow tower doesn't think it's a big deal, you probably want to alert them if you bumped any lights, signs, or antennae.