Discussion of aviation matters that are not specifically to do with VATSIM
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#520285 I have been flying the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended quite a bit lately as a part on my membership at FS Economy. I've had the aircraft quite a while now and feel very comfortable with it, but documentation about settings during takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing are, shall we say...sparse.

FS Economy requires you to fly at a speed that gets you an average fuel consumption of 120 gallons per hour and I can trim her and set the prop speed and throttles to get that and still average 140 KIAS in cruise at 10,000 feet. So I'm comfortable with the way I am flying her, but also curious if that is reasonably close to the way she is flown for real.

To that end I have been watching some actual cockpit videos of the DHC-6 in action, mostly Winair but some Himalayan flights as well. While watching one of the Winair videos, a flight from St Maarten to Antigua, the pilots were going through their start checklists and so forth and one of them mentioned their "Alpha Hole Shot" was approved. All of a sudden things in the cockpit started happening at a much faster pace and not as "relaxed" as things seemed to be earlier. They taxied quicker than I had been seeing and mentioned "Hole Shot" several times, especially as they approached the runway.

I tried searching for Alpha Hole Shot on the web, but as expected got everything except an aviation procedure explanation, especially at St Maarten. I assumed, since I couldn't find anything about it, that it was a "hurry up" departure between landing aircraft, but I never saw any other aircraft land and since you could hear ATC in the video I tried to hear landing clearances for those inbound but did not hear any during their "fast" taxi. There were no other aircraft actively taxiing that I saw in the video. Anybody know what was so special about "Alpha Hole Shot" at St Maarten?


Edit: Pretty sure this is solved. I posed this same question in another forum and a very good answer was suggested. I was hearing "ALPHA Hold Short" in a very heavy dutch accent said in English.