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By Richard Jenkins 800012
#368629 I work about 300 yards from the ramp so GSM emails and tells me to get my tail end over there and take some pictures for him!



By Brad Littlejohn 811975
#368655 HOLY SMEG!!!! :shock: :shock:

RJ, is it still there?!? I literally live a mile from the field, and under the right traffic pattern!!! If so, I'm making a beeline straight there!


Charan Kumar 1078107 wrote:Damn, I shud've worked frm the Rancho office today. Thx for sharing the gr8 pics!! No outbound flight plan, meaning it is still sitting there?

Yep, it certainly is!

http://flightaware.com/live/flight/BOE2 ... /KBFI/KMHR

No flight plan currently filed out of the field. So I'm grabbing my Canon Eos Rebel T1i, and heading over to the FBO. If it's there, I'm taking shots.

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By Brad Littlejohn 811975
#368717 GSM FTW!

So, I took the drive out to KMHR, saw where it was, went home, brought out the Eos Rebel T1i, and took some pictures. Enjoy!


It just happened to be when UPS was starting some of their evening ops, and their A306 just departed. I tried to get the shot of it above the B788, but couldn't run back far enough to get the shot.

Since it will be here all weekend, I'm sure I'll have more time to see it, let alone go to my spotting area should it fly the pattern. If I do, I'll post more pics.

By Charan Kumar 1078107
#368799 Gr8 pics Brad...looks like you weren't able to catch the A306 and 787 together, but u got something flying and the 787 together :). Just not sure if it was checking out the acft or ur camera :mrgreen:

Any ideas on when she will be flying? I'm debating on whether to come today or tomorrow.

EDIT: Looks like she is in the air now, ETA at KMHR 04:32pm PDT.
By Brad Littlejohn 811975
#369067 So I dropped off the guide dog to get groomed today, and decided to take another trip over to KMHR. Glad I did. I caught N787EX on her way out for a test flight (apparently weather related; they wanted to wait until the temperature broke 30C). Snapped a few more pics, took down the old set, and combined them all. Enjoy.


By Charan Kumar 1078107
#369106 Brad, looks like you took the pics in the afternoon a little earlier before I came by, I was told she landed right back after flying one or two patterns. She later took off for Yuma, atleast that's what they told me and I was initially thinking it was only leaving tomorrow, at around 6pm. I got some shots from the departure end and also a short iphone4 vid, which as of now is converting and won't be ready for another 1 hr :evil: I will upload it later.

Meanwhile, the pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33263186@N ... 583291094/

EDIT: just got approved: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=sha ... 4MfxLasNZI

Vid shot from an iphone4, so didn't have the zoom capability.